Buy Williams Pinbot Machine Online

Buy Williams Pinbot Machine Online


The main objective of Pin-Bot is to advance through the planets of the solar system, starting at Pluto and reaching the sun. The player advances from planet to planet by hitting specially marked targets, earning special bonuses throughout the game.

Pin-Bot’s main feature is a grid of lights in the center of the playfield, just below the Pin•Bot. The player can fill this grid by hitting the targets above and to the right of it. Once completed, the visor opens, enabling the player to lock two balls in the robot’s eye sockets, starting a two-ball multiball mode. The player can then re-lock one of the balls and use the other to score a Solar Value (jackpot) up the left ramp, at which point both balls go back into play. Each shot up the left ramp increases the Solar Value until it is collected, and this jackpot is carried over between games.


Buy Williams Pinbot Machine Online

Hardware info

  • Main CPUMotorola 6809 at 2 MHz, 8KB of RAM, and between 128KB and 1MB of EPROM for the game program.
  • Sound CPUMotorola 6809 (Pre-DCS), Analog Devices ADSP2105 (DCS)
  • Sound chips (Pre-DCS): Yamaha YM2151, DAC, Harris HC55536 CVSD
  • Operating system: APPLE OS (created by Williams, not related to the company Apple, but “Advanced Pinball Programming Logic Executive”)


There are six vari­a­tions of the WPC hard­ware. The orig­i­nal ver­sion is some­times re­ferred to as WPC-89. The WPC MPU re­mained the same through all gen­er­a­tion up to the ad­di­tion of the se­cu­rity chip in WPC-S, and then the sub­se­quent WPC-95 board. The vari­a­tions are as fol­lows:

Buy Williams Pinbot Machine Online


Buy Williams Pinbot Machine Online

WPC (Alphanumeric)

Some Dr. Dude ma­chines were also made using this WPC gen­er­a­tion, al­though most were made using the later Sys­tem 11 board.

WPC (Dot Matrix)

Buy Williams Pinbot Machine Online

Ter­mi­na­tor 2: Judg­ment Day was the first to be de­signed with a dot ma­trix dis­play, but was re­leased after Gilli­gan’s Island, due to Ter­mi­na­tor 2 hav­ing a longer de­vel­op­ment time than Gilli­gan’s Island.  Hot Shot Basketball) as well as in the first Shuf­fle Alley Game Strike Mas­ter Shuf­fle Alley – 1991.

Twilight Zone was designed to be the first pinball machine to use the new DCS system, but due to delays of the new hardware design it was decided to release it on the old hardware (using downsampled sound effects) instead. The redemption game Addams Family Values also used the DCS Sound System.


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