Buy Williams High Speed Pinball Machine Online

Buy Williams High Speed Pinball Machine Online


Great flow and light show, the game is fully working. Could use a rubber kit and a led update but has been cleaned and plays fast and furious. Has been gone through electronically. Classic Steve Ritchie game. Backglass is perfect. Playfield is an 8. The cabinet is a 7.


Buy Williams High Speed Pinball Machine Online

Buy Williams High Speed Pinball Machine Online

High Speed is a pinball game designed by Steve Ritchie and released by Williams Electronics in 1986. It is based on Ritchie’s real-life police chase inside a 1979 Porsche 928.[1] He was finally caught in Lodi, California on Interstate 5 and accused of speeding at 146 mph.[2]

During its design, High Speed was jokingly called “High Cost” by some rival Williams designers[who?] due to its then-high production cost. The advances in the mechanical design that went into High Speed, coupled with the machine’s popularity, led to many machines being kept in service much longer than was previously the norm. The play surfaces of the machine were not initially given as much attention, leading to many High Speed machines seeing service to this day in extremely worn condition. Williams rapidly addressed this issue by making mylar playfield covers available and later adding hard clear paint coats to their playfields. Canadian specialist Classic Playfield Reproductions produced an officially licensed High Speed 13-color Reproduction Playfield, which shipped as limited edition in 2014.

Buy Williams High Speed Pinball Machine Online

A licensed version of this table was released on The Pinball Arcade for multiple platforms. Its successor (The getaway: High Speed II) was also released as an additional table for this collection. After June 30, 2018, neither of these tables are available for any platform due to WMS license expiration.

Rare adapted High Speed into a video game of the same name for the Nintendo Entertainment System. It was published by Tradewest in 1991.


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