Buy Cyclone pinball machine Online

Buy Cyclone pinball machine Online


All electronic boards are inspected, serviced, repaired and any burnt connectors replaced.

Fuses are checked and correct fuse values installed (safety issue to prevent damage to the game or a fire)

Cabinet vacuumed, outside of cabinet cleaned and inspected for any issues

Playfield is stripped down and all plastics, ramps and mechanisms are cleaned and the playfield is polished. If the game has plastic ramps they are flame polished to restore clarity and appearance.

Flippers are rebuilt with new plungers, links and coil stops to ensure the strongest possible flippers.

All rubber rings are replaced and all new lightbulbs installed.

All switches are checked, adjusted or replaced

All coils and mechanisms are checked, adjusted or replaced


Buy Cyclone pinball machine Online


Cyclone is a pinball machine released by Williams Electronics in 1988. It features an amusement park theme and was advertised with the slogan “It’ll blow you away!”

Buy Cyclone pinball machine Online

Buy Cyclone pinball machine Online

One attribute of the pinball machine that makes it instantly identifiable is the unique cabinet design that contains all the mechanical, electrical and electronic parts, assemblies and wires that make all the magic happen. The modern cabinet consists of two major items. The ‘backbox’ or ‘head’ (among other terms: lightbox) is the vertical box atop the lower cabinet opposite the player’s position. It usually consists of a wooden box with colorful graphics on the side and a large ‘backglass’ in the front. The backglass usuall…

Buy Cyclone pinball machine Online

Buy Cyclone pinball machine Online

There are other idiosyncratic features on many pinball playfields. Pinball games have become increasingly complex and multiple play modes, multi-level playfields, and even progression through a rudimentary “plot” have become common features on recent games. Pinball scoring objectives can be quite complex and require a series of targets to be hit in a particular order. Recent pinball games are distinguished by increasingly complex rule sets that require a measure of strategy and planning by the p…

Careful study of the playfield in the flyer seems to show a quantity of eight flags flying over the amusement park. We do not know if these flags were installed throughout the production run, and many playfields that we have seen do not have all or any of these flags. The flags look fragile enough to not survive the life of the game.



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